Fertilizer Brackets

Our Dual Placement Fertilizer Brackets allow you to accurately and easily apply liquid fertilizer at planting time. Liquid is streamed into the root zone for easier access by the plant to give your crops the edge they need in their early stages of development and to give you a big yield boost. Installation is quick and easy, and our Brackets are made to fit most major planter manufactures and models.

Fertilizer where the plant needs it

    bracket models
  • Instead of spraying on top of the ground, the Brackets position fertilizer for rapid uptake by the plant, 1.5–2" deep where the roots can access it right away.
  • Liquid is placed evenly on both sides, 3" from the seed trench for easier access by the plant.
  • Because it is streamed into trenches at low PSI, there is no splatter on the planter row unit, so less fertilizer is wasted.


  • Brackets are made with stainless steel hardware for corrosion protection and product longevity.
  • Operation requires no additional down pressure on the row unit.
  • There is no chance for mud to build up on gauge wheels.
  • Brackets work equally well in conventional, strip-till, or no-till applications.
  • Calibrations are easy to set initially.
  • Very little maintenance is required.

Models to fit your planter

    bracket models

    We offer several models of our Fertilizer Brackets to fit most major planter manufactures and models, including John Deere, Kinze, White, and Case IH.


Installing our Fertilizer Brackets to your planter is quick and easy; most models simply “bolt on”. Click on the links below to download installation instructions for a variety of planter manufactures and models.